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lina koh

Partner, Singapore

With more than twelve years of coaching experience, Lina has worked with many senior leaders in varied industries across Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Financials, Healthcare, Technology, FMCGs, and NGOs. These clients are culturally diverse and drawn from the many countries across the world. A banker by profession, Lina has enjoyed a successful corporate career that spanned over thirty years. She had expatriate postings, during an international career in banking, to various parts of the world including Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand and the USA, spearheading start-up ventures for new business revenue streams, and leading regional and global projects for productivity gains and profit enhancement. Her broad-based, in-depth experience in P&L roles, Operational & Project Management roles, and three career rotations to the Learning & Development arena, has enriched her world views and she is extremely grateful for the unique combination of formidable business and leadership experiences which she now applies in immensely fulfilling ways to her coaching practice.


Lina sees herself as an active and committed partner in her coachee’s development journey. She encourages her coachee to sustain adaptive and effective leadership behaviours by learning to think differently about themselves and about how they do what they do. Her coaching focus is on the integration of intellectual and emotional awareness. She truly believes that the pathway to understanding others passes through self-awareness and self-acceptance. In her coaching work, she explores and challenges intellectual and emotional habits, assumptions and behaviours, and coaches the leaders to commit to new behaviours that enhance possibilities for lasting and important change in their relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Recent coaching assignments include:

  • Equity Partner, global consultancy business. Singapore-based. Focus: building networking capability and developing junior partners

  • Managing Director, Indian conglomerate. Mumbai-based. Focus: adopting a more inclusive leadership style and inspiring others with a shared vision.

  • General Manager, global pharmaceuticals. Taiwan-based. Focus: Leading with influence and impact.


Lina is a Board Certified Coach with a Master’s degree in Social Sciences (Counseling). She is certified in various 360 and assessment tools including the Centre for Creative Leadership’s 360 assessment suite, Hogan Assessment Systems, MBTI, FIRO-b, Workplace Big Five and CPI 260. She is a Fellow of the UK-based ifs School of Finance and an alumni member of the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She speaks fluent English and Mandarin.


A Singaporean, she grew up in a large family of seven siblings and started working at 17 to support the family and her younger siblings’ education. She is now living her dream of a portfolio career that reflects her diverse interests. She is an active volunteer in Cambodia and Myanmar, working on poverty eradication and gender equality issues. Her other interests include reading, travelling and music. .