The Silk Road Partnership is experienced in helping global organisations with a variety of talent and leadership issues through facilitating off-sites, workshops and other team interventions.

Some of the challenges we have helped our clients to face and find solutions for include:

  • Developing a team's leadership skills and team working
  • Improving communication skills and collaboration
  • Aligning decision-making and working styles
  • Dealing with a merging of teams
  • Working with cultural differences

In all of these we work closely with the client to develop an appropriate tailored programme of workshop and special training initiatives.

Career Transition Mentoring

Senior executives often find themselves at a 'crossroads' at different points in their careers particularly when they are leaving an organisation. The Silk Road Partnership has unrivalled experience and expertise in advising senior individuals who are transitioning out of their organisations, often after years of service with the firm. Sometimes this is at the firm’s instigation and sometimes it is a decision made by the individual to look for an alternative career direction. In both scenarios, we offer a highly personal, discreet career advisory service, which is tailored to the needs and ambitions of our clients.

Career transitions that we support may involve any of the following:

  • Moving to another full time executive role in a new firm, this can sometimes involve a switch to a new sector or an international move.
  • The construction of a portfolio career, including appointments as non-executive directorships on the boards of large and small listed companies as well as in the private and not-for-profit sector
  • We also support ‘retiring’ executives, helping them to make a smooth transition from full time work to a part time consultancy or portfolio career.

We work with clients from the point of departure right the way through to them achieving a successful career transition.

our services

The Silk Road Partnership provides a range of Strategic Leadership & Executive Coaching, Career Transition Mentoring & Coaching and Leadership Development that are grounded in many decades of combined experience in Europe, The Gulf and Asia. We work with individuals, at all levels of leadership - from main board directors to emerging leaders, developing and enabling leaders to thrive and excel.

Our primary focus is on helping leaders and their management teams to successfully and strategically navigate and profit from the challenges and transitions facing their organisations and their own careers as they travel along their unique commercial 'Silk Road' highway.

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

We work in partnership with a broad range of global organisations to help enhance their leaders’ effectiveness to grow both their businesses' performance as well as their own leadership skills.

Our focus is on coaching and mentoring leaders to optimise their performance in strategic and commercial settings, unlocking their fullest potential and career fulfilment in the process, while helping them excel in achieving their business goals.

We often work with leaders entering on key transition points in their development and careers, including:

  • Supporting newly promoted leaders, to help them to succeed as intended in the new business role with a variety of strategic challenges
  • Coaching a new senior external hire upon arrival at their new firm and new business culture and environment
  • Coaching senior executives who have been moved to a new leadership position abroad often in unfamiliar cultures  
  • ​Helping valued talent to be re-energised, better focused and more confident, with a renewed sense of mission.

We are typically engaged for a 6-12 month period working closely with organisations and their leaders helping them develop positive relationships with new stakeholders and to build fruitful relationships with their peers. We assist clients with developing strategies for growing their businesses while also helping them and their firms establish and achieve performance expectations.

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