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the silk road journey

- the significance of our name

The mere mention of the Silk Road  conjures up an array of images that encompass history, trade, mystery, romance, a riot of colour and cultures, and landscapes of unimaginable beauty. It was a commercial and cultural superhighway with many routes that connected Europe, the Middle East and Asia, incorporating what today's corporations call "EMEA" and "Asia-Pac".

The Silk Road brought great wealth to many who traded along it, and it enabled a rich exchange of culture, ideas, information, learning and spiritual enlightenment that still continues to shape today's world. But for those travelling along its path whether by land or sea, it could be exciting and full of commercial opportunity, yet also full of unexpected events, steep challenges, obstacles, twists and turns, not all of them welcome - in this way life on the Silk Road mirrors modern day careers and corporate life. Our team is dedicated to helping organisations and their key talent to navigate their own commercial and personal journeys to successful conclusions.

For us the Silk Road symbolises the corporate and personal journey of life, development and commerce that all businesses and people experience. Our team, which is located geographically along the Silk Road network, also embody the diverse cultural experience that is so typical of major commercial hubs in the twenty first century. We are inspired by the cultural interchange between ourselves and our clients and the mutual enrichment that flows from this.

We travel alongside our clients at important points during their journeys. We enjoy building valued long term relationships in a spirit of genuine partnership and in so doing we strive to:

  • Provide exemplary service for our clients and in so doing build a fine reputation in our field.

  • Help our clients achieve success and fulfillment - both commercially and personally; this is what brings us our own fulfillment.

  • Ensure that our partnership with clients is meaningful and impactful and tailored to their unique context.