Executive Coaching

Coaching leaders and emerging talent to optimise performance and unlock their full potential.

Transition MENTORING

Offering highly discreet, personal support, and bespoke advisory services, to achieve successful career transitions.

Leadership Development

Providing global and regional organisations with talent and leadership development programmes, facilitating off-sites, workshops and other team interventions.

The Silk Road Partnership provides a range of coaching, mentoring and leadership talent development services for senior leaders, including CEOs, main board directors, key executives and emerging talent across Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific’.

We work with leading organisations from a wide range of sectors and include: financial institutions, professional services firms, global corporations, government entities and international bodies.

Our primary focus is on helping leaders and their management teams to successfully and strategically navigate and profit from the challenges and transitions facing them and their organisations as they travel along their own unique professional and personal ‘Silk Road’ journey.

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Executive Coaching

We coach leaders and emerging talent to optimise their performance and unlock their full potential. We are often engaged to:

  • Support new lateral hires to gain traction and realise the expected promise.
  • Help emerging top talent to make a success of a move to the next key step.
  • Assist leaders facing new, and potentially acute challenges.
  • Enable valued talent to be re-energised, better focused and more confident, with a renewed sense of mission.
  • Enhance and improve working relationships between senior executives.
  • Ease cultural transitions to new geographies.

We work closely in partnership with clients to develop a tailored programme of support, appropriate for each scenario. Most typically, we are engaged for a 6-12 month period.

Transition Mentoring and Coaching

Senior executives often find themselves at a ‘crossroads’ at different points in their careers, particularly when they are leaving their organisations, often after years of valuable service. We offer highly discrete, personal support, and bespoke career advisory services, to achieve successful transitions across the globe, whilst also enhancing goodwill in the alumni community. Transitions may involve:

  • Moving to another full-time executive role in a new firm, a new sector or an international move.
  • Constructing a plural lifestyle after a full-time career, with a portfolio of roles, including non-executive appointments.

We work with clients from the point of departure right the way through to them achieving a successful outcome.


Leadership Development

We are experienced in helping global and regional organisations with a variety of talent and leadership development, through facilitating off-sites, workshops and other team interventions.

Some of the challenges we have been engaged with include:

  • Developing a team’s leadership skills and team working.
  • Improving communication skills and collaboration.
  • Aligning decision-making and working styles.
  • Dealing with a merging of teams.
  • Working with cultural differences.

In all of these we work closely with our clients to develop appropriately tailored programmes of workshops and other interventions.



Since 2010, The Silk Road Partnership’s core team have worked with clients in 54 countries across 5 continents

These are the countries where we have delivered assignments

Afghanistan Armenia Australia Bahrain Bangladesh Bhutan Brussels Bulgaria Cambodia Canada Channel Islands China Czech Republic Egypt France Germany Ghana Greece Hong Kong Hungary India Indonesia Ireland Italy Japan Jordan Kazahkstan Kuwait Malaysia Malta Myanmar Nepal New Zealand Netherlands Nigeria Oman Pakistan Philippines Poland Qatar Romania Saudi Arabia Singapore Slovakia South Africa Sri Lanka Switzerland Taiwan Thailand United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States of America Vietnam Yemen

If you or your team are keen to unleash the potential of your talent, please do contact us to explore how we can help.